Movie date with the real ones

Being with your friends, who have always been there to support and love you, can ease all the sadness you have inside. I’ve missed them big time, we have not seen each other for months for I was always MIA. Those hours we’ve spent time laughing, talking, eating or just simply seating beside each other, made me realize my old self never left me. They always make me feel beautiful, strong, independent—the important things I forgot I possess when I entered college.

I’ve been here in province for almost a month now and this was the first time I actually went outside. We ate lunch and watched the movie “Love me tomorrow”. I would like to make a review for that one but I forgot almost half of it. Lol. I just didn’t like the flow of the story and my gay friends always had something to say about the actors, like how beautiful Dawn Zulueta is or the make-up of Coleen Garcia doesn’t fit her. That’s why, maybe (?), the story did not sink in. What I really wanted to watch was the “X-Men: Apocalypse”, but those guys do not enjoy action films.



It still amazes me how these people can act so boldly and not to care about what other people might say.

‘True Story’

The last time I felt almost like this was when I watched The Fourth Kind, but the intensity of what I felt before could be only weighed and compared on the first part of The Cannibal in a Jungle. After watching the film that ran for about two hours, I started crying. I didn’t exactly know what to feel—anger, disgust, pity, or terror—because it seemed like my heart held every emotion. Everything was in there and I just felt hopeless sitting in front of the monitor.

I was trying to concentrate in finishing my term paper while finding a good show to watch when I turned the TV to Discovery Channel and viewed that the next show would be The Cannibal in a Jungle. I was intrigued, of course. My brothers and I love watching cannibal documentaries (some were prohibited due to graphic images of the videos), so I waited for it.

Clippings of newspapers flashed and some pictures of a young boy. At first, I thought how boring this film was, until a part of the newspaper being shown in TV stated that a man was guilty of a double-murder case—he cannibalized one native indian and people believed he also killed his co-scientist whose body was still missing. Some videos of the news about the hideous crime and the ashamed face of the primary suspect were continuously flashed. By observing the accused man—those little, fresh cuts in his face, his weary eyes, the aloofness—I knew he was responsible for the death of his colleagues.

Then, the show recounted the story of the suspect; they were confirming the story. They went to the same places, did investigation and proved everything the suspect said was true. He was not the person who killed his two colleagues, the ‘little men’ were responsible for it. These creatures were just a myth but this incident proved that they existed.

Okay, so I wrote this 2-3 months ago without checking some articles about the film because I really thought this was real (I remember, the show itself stated it). And I just happened to open this article and BOOM,


I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, I am determined to watch the film again to double-check the information they presented (haha joke lang). I just really hope the WHOLE story is not fabricated ’cause this is the best ‘sci-film’ I’ve ever watched. *sigh*

Wasted Time!!!

Months ago, I promised to make this summer 2016 to be the most productive season of my life, so I did my research on what part-time job to take and even subscribed to some volunteering opportunities—but, sad to say, nothing changes to my usual routine.

So here, I just want to share with you my ‘failed’ plan for this summer.

1. Have a job

I applied in an office in Pasig and I passed, but I had to decline the offer because my family didn’t allow me.


They said this would be my last vacation and I have to save my energy for a more important matter—my schooling. I obliged, of course. And now, I became my niece’s Yaya. Thanks, ma.

2. Join volunteering programs

My friend and I planned this for weeks. We were so stressed about everything, so we want to participate in a volunteering program and thought it would be a good avenue to release all the sad hormones inside our body. We got invitations, but we couldn’t confirm our attendance as our mock defense was yet to be scheduled. Now, I have no idea if she has gone to any. *insert sad face*

3. Search for internship programs

Yes, this was really on my list but my friend, Yrda, told me we have to get an endorsement from our chairperson. Nonetheless, I tried to apply and I was just waiting for their reply—it was a volunteering/internship opportunity in Cebu and they asked about my schedule, the possible date I can go there BUT, f— talaga, ang tanga ko, I deactivated my Facebook account, the only way we can contact each other. Ayoko na pag-usapan. Na-stressed  ako bigla.


4. Read more books

I read six books on the first two months of this year and thought hoped that I could keep that up. Three months have passed, yet the only book I finished was the “Adultery” by Paulo Coelho. God, forgive me.

5. Be fit

HA HA HA HA. Food is everything, so


I’m so disappointed. I can’t seem to motivate myself to achieve even a single thing.

Pa-upo na si Digong sa Malacañang, kelan ba ‘ko magbabago? ;-(

| 10:10am

Yesterday, I busied myself by visiting different blog sites and I happened to encounter the site of Maine Mendoza. Actually, it was my first time to see her blog, though I’ve also read some of her posts through the screenshots provided by the Aldubnation. I fell in love with her even more after reading her posts back when she was just a plain ‘Maine Mendoza’ (you can search the name in Google if you’re not familiar with her).


Ganda ng bebe ko!

While reading her posts, I felt a twinge of envy—I envy her happiness, the feeling of finally finding her purpose in life; it is evident and is, somehow, influencing me to make a move to change my negative perception of the future.

Like any other person, she also had her down moments—frustrated to know what life has in store for her in the future because she thought she was never meant to follow the track of her course.

This is one of the most upsetting phases in life—it can make someone astray, lost or it can also lead him to the correct path. Well, I think, this depends on the person, on how he is going to fight the ‘depressing’ scenarios or the feeling of discontentment with his current situation.

I can’t help but wish to feel the happiness she experiences now after succeeding in dealing with the thoughts of uncertainty. And I hope with every unfortunate story I posted here on my blog can be overcome with less bitter views and, of course, exciting adventures!