into the darkness

My life is rushing to end,
wanting to finish this woe.

I clasp my hands
and let my thoughts wander
in the wilderness of uncertainties.

I know I have to stop,
for keeping this
can lead me to endless horizon of sorrow.

But for months of hiding this,
I came to a point
where the sadness had to live in my dreams,
waking me up at 4 a.m.
with all the burdens of life,
possessing my soul to stay on the dark side.


I was one then I became two,
turned to four
and eventually,
I could not count no more

From the beginning,
I was a man
and a woman,
after that I left this world

I was continually reborn
to find my love; and
the nature
dictated me to find the half

The moment I failed to identify it,
I would live in loneliness
until my soul be once again

Lousy call

I should have gone
the other way,
where the sky is clear
and the roads are dry

I should have wept
the rain,
and those dark thoughts
of going

I should have spent
my time lying
— drank with the
dreams of uncertain

I should have kept
still while eyes are on the ceiling,
waiting for divine orders
to say their hymn

I should have stayed
home for I know
I would find myself

But these
could not be undone
and so my whole self
could no longer be found