| 6:55pm

It’s frustrating to actually think that I am on my 2nd week in my internship at The Manila Times yet I haven’t published anything.

I am never good at writing straight news. I am aware of that, that’s why I really wanted to join the TMTC’s program. However, it was too late for me to realize I have to work my a$$ off to get 45 published articles. And I honestly have no idea how I can possibly complete that task within freaking two months — after my first internship, of course. Just imagine how insane this is.

You might say this is a good training ground and I could not disagree with that. My only concern is the capabilities of the students are limited — we are like trap in a game. We can win a diploma but we lose the chance to get in the company we wanted to be in the first place — again, because the requirement limits us to stick with the company that can provide and allow us to publish that number of articles.

I am not angry at anyone, I am just voicing out my opinion. Our chairperson, though, gave us a deal: publish one article about PUP in our respective companies. I guess if this were to happen, the student who can publish anything about our university can stop worrying about not finishing college. If only I can.. I’ll probably apply to my dream company without stressing myself to reach the quota.

I just feel sad.

And I am sorry, my dear blog, for posting unnecessary thoughts.


2 thoughts on “| 6:55pm”

  1. You still have time to train for the second time. July pa lang, Lisbet! Huwag kang ma-pressure sa friends mong ilang beses nang nakapagpublish. Iba ‘yong circumstances in your case. Think of it this way: Your training at TMCT will be academic while your second training at whatever publication will be the real thing. 😉

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