‘True Story’

The last time I felt almost like this was when I watched The Fourth Kind, but the intensity of what I felt before could be only weighed and compared on the first part of The Cannibal in a Jungle. After watching the film that ran for about two hours, I started crying. I didn’t exactly know what to feel—anger, disgust, pity, or terror—because it seemed like my heart held every emotion. Everything was in there and I just felt hopeless sitting in front of the monitor.

I was trying to concentrate in finishing my term paper while finding a good show to watch when I turned the TV to Discovery Channel and viewed that the next show would be The Cannibal in a Jungle. I was intrigued, of course. My brothers and I love watching cannibal documentaries (some were prohibited due to graphic images of the videos), so I waited for it.

Clippings of newspapers flashed and some pictures of a young boy. At first, I thought how boring this film was, until a part of the newspaper being shown in TV stated that a man was guilty of a double-murder case—he cannibalized one native indian and people believed he also killed his co-scientist whose body was still missing. Some videos of the news about the hideous crime and the ashamed face of the primary suspect were continuously flashed. By observing the accused man—those little, fresh cuts in his face, his weary eyes, the aloofness—I knew he was responsible for the death of his colleagues.

Then, the show recounted the story of the suspect; they were confirming the story. They went to the same places, did investigation and proved everything the suspect said was true. He was not the person who killed his two colleagues, the ‘little men’ were responsible for it. These creatures were just a myth but this incident proved that they existed.

Okay, so I wrote this 2-3 months ago without checking some articles about the film because I really thought this was real (I remember, the show itself stated it). And I just happened to open this article and BOOM,


I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, I am determined to watch the film again to double-check the information they presented (haha joke lang). I just really hope the WHOLE story is not fabricated ’cause this is the best ‘sci-film’ I’ve ever watched. *sigh*


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